Day: May 16, 2024

What Is a Room Oxygen Meter?What Is a Room Oxygen Meter?

A room room oxygen meter  is used for monitoring air quality in rooms where pressurized gases are stored or stored. This includes but is not limited to: MRI rooms, chemical laboratories, cryogenics labs, underground or below deck spaces on ships or airplanes and many other industrial environments. When a hose or fitting leaks these systems can depressurize very quickly dropping the oxygen levels to dangerously low safety limits. These monitors have audible and visual alarm indicators in the sensor unit and a remote display to alert employees before the atmosphere becomes too hazardous. They also include relays and 4-20mA analog outputs for connecting into the facilities BMS or security system for automation of ventilation controls when alarms are triggered.

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Oxygen deficiency can also be caused by insufficient fresh air ventilation. This is a common problem in modern energy-efficient homes with tight insulation that traps stale air and carbon dioxide gases inside. Increasing air change rates and opening windows regularly can help improve the situation. In the workplace these situations are more often solved by using a personal oxygen detector on each employee rather than a fixed gas detection system.

These monitors are often called oxygen deficiency alarms or oxygen monitors and are wall mounted for uninterrupted continuous monitoring of the ambient air oxygen concentration in a specific room or confined space. They use an oxygen sensor that uses an electrochemical process to measure changes in the chemical composition of air to detect oxygen fluctuations in the surrounding environment. They have a remote display to alert employees of low or dangerously low oxygen levels in real time and may have strobes and 3 relays that can trigger the facility’s air control system to automatically open a vent or switch on fans to bring in fresh ambient air to restore safety oxygen levels if an alarm is triggered.