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Getting Started With Google Forms Approval WorkflowGetting Started With Google Forms Approval Workflow

Streamline your work processes by integrating Google Forms Approval Workflow into workflows. With this, form submissions are automatically emailed to approvers who then can choose from options such as approve, reject, or request more information. Approval workflows also come with features that allow you to set up spreadsheet notifications so all parties are informed of changes. For example, if you are working with an employee time off request and it requires approval from a manager, you can use the workflow to notify both the submitter and the manager of any changes and their decision.

Simplify Your Processes: Establishing an Approval Workflow with Google Forms

Getting Started with Google Forms Approval Workflow

The first step is to create the form that will be used for your approval process. For instance, if you are using your form for employee time off requests you would want to design your form with the necessary fields and questions. For example, you will need to ask the employee for their name and email address so that your manager can approve the time off request. You will also need to include response validation questions to ensure that the submission meets the criteria.

You can then add the Form Publisher add-on to your Google form. Select the add-on icon and then click the Settings option. Here you can select the option to collect responder emails and choose between Verified (which prompts users to sign in with their Google accounts) or Responder input which lets them manually enter their email address. Next, you can select the Add dynamic recipient icon to capture the Line Manager’s email address.